Turnkey Service

Strategic support, content creation, deployment and optimization

First steps and strategic support

Our experts will be available from day one to help you determine an ideal learning strategy and set attainable goals for your employees. With their knowledge of the mobile learning industry and proven experience in communication strategy development, they can recommend an integrated plan and offer guidance every step of the way.


Every Albert deployment is unique. Our team of communication professionals will provide support throughout the process to ensure an optimal implementation within your organization. As we’re well versed in the technology, you are minimally involved in the tool’s implementation.

Content creation and production

Once your learning goals have been determined and clearly defined, our team of writers, translators, and other communication and mobile learning professionals will be at your service to create and produce various content. 

Optimization and technical support

Your company’s goals and needs may change over time—which is why Albert is designed to be flexible and scalable. Our attentive team continuously updates the app’s software and content while remaining available to answer questions and address technical issues.

Request a demo

Interested in learning more about Albert and how it can benefit your business? Our team would be delighted to help you. Contact us for details or to request a full demo of our mobile learning solution.