Daily training

Our promise: 10 minutes per day, every day

Through simple, short, and dynamic content, Albert offers a new type of learning that promotes information recall and improves access to training. Different fields of expertise are covered using a bite-size, high-frequency learning approach: 10 minutes per day, every day.

This format makes it possible to streamline your training and ensure your teams’ continuous involvement. In addition to keeping your employees’ attention, these modules provide access to rich, creative, and interactive content.

Brand content

Share information on products and services, corporate activities, mission and values, and practices and approaches.

This training will increase employee engagement and improve their overall ability to represent your company as a brand ambassador. 

Mobile screen showing branded content and training exercices

Industry content

Expand your employees’ knowledge of industry news, seasonal services and products, experiences related to your sector, and the competition.

This content will allow your employees to deepen their knowledge of industry trends and acquire new skills.

A mobile phone screen shows interesting content

Content creation expertise

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we offer unique expertise in microlearning content creation, a bite-size training model, and a mobile learning solution. We aim to hone your employees’ knowledge by offering a training program tailored to their interests, but also suited to your company’s reality and objectives.

With teams on three continents and specialists in production, writing, translation, and design, we can offer a variety of opportunities to international businesses.

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Interested in learning more about Albert and how it can benefit your business? Our team would be delighted to help you. Contact us for details or to request a full demo of our mobile learning solution.