The mobile performance app for worldwide teams

Albert is the turnkey learning and engagement app for multi-national businesses.

The mobile e-learning solution

Albert is a turnkey white label training tool for businesses.

Ensure optimal employee performance

Thanks to its mobile learning (or m-learning) structure, which involves short bursts of learning during daily mobile usage, the app is used to promote information recall and ensure optimal employee performance.

A few statistics

6.45 min.

Average daily time spent on the app


Daily connection rate


Daily quiz completion rate



Rich, varied, and personalized content to maximize engagement and improve skill development.


An data-driven and user-friendly mobile app that offers your teams a unique learning experience, whenever and wherever they choose.


Strategic and personalized customer support to facilitate the deployment and management of your Albert learning program.

Content offer and strategic support

Albert owes its success to its tried and tested technology, excellent content offer, and strategic and technical support. In total, dozens of development, writing, and strategy specialists work to understand, meet, and even exceed your needs and expectations.

Albert Advantages

  • Improves
    information recall
  • Improves
    employee engagement
  • Reduces
    expenses tied to continuous training
  • Reduces
    employee turnover

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