The advantages of mobile learning

Many of the documented benefits of mobile learning are directly related to its efficacy, both in terms of knowledge transfer and in terms of recall. Studies have notably shown the following:

  • More sustainable learning

    Mobile learning apps like Albert help counteract the forgetting curve by offering dynamic, high-frequency training that facilitates recall.

  • Ideal frequency

    The technology’s agile structure makes it possible to provide daily training.

  • Flexible format

    Bite-size trainings better align with current information consumption habits.

  • Efficient onboarding

    Microlearning facilitates the integration of new employees and the transfer of knowledge.

  • Immediate employee engagement

    The playful, personalized content increases employees’ sense of belonging and their commitment to the company and its brand.

  • Optimal use of data

    Microtraining creates libraries of dynamic, varied content to make full use of the company’s internal documentation.

  • Long-term vision

    Microlearning is adapted to millennials, who will represent 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025.

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